2001 Honda Accord

Engine Mechanical problem
2001 Honda Accord 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 128000 miles

My check engine light came on vehicle a few days ago so I took it to the dealer to see what was going on. They told me its the catalytic converter and that it's going to cost $1581 for the part and installation. Needless to say I was stunned, especially after they pointed out some other things that have to be done, ie. Front brakes and rotors (sson), tires (in a few months), master cylinder cap, transmission lever, and brake fluid - all this adds to a whopping $2800. I'm not sure that the car is worth the investment. What do you think? Is the catalytic converter always this expensive? Are there any alternatives? I've been told the car won't pass inspection in January unless I fix the cc. Thanks for your help.
September 24, 2008.

Are you in the State of California?

Your best bet is to order it thru the internet, search catalytic converters make sure it meets OBD2 requirements. I'm seeing less than $500 on the prices-

Sep 24, 2008.