1999 Honda Accord

Electrical problem
1999 Honda Accord 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 82000 miles

Hi I was wondering how much is the labor for a alternator installed I have a 99 Honda accord EX V6 4 door sedan. All I know is that a rebuild alternator would cost me around $150 buti dont know how much a mechanic would charge me to have him install it that why I know that their not over pricing me. I live in wood dale IL if that would help.

October 20, 2008.

Hello -
I show the 3.0L, OEM part lists for about $225. Auto Zone is about $144 and it is life time. Labor I show is about 1.2 hrs for about $60.00. You could do it yourself and save.
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Oct 20, 2008.