1998 Honda Accord

Engine Performance problem
1998 Honda Accord 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 150K miles

I have a 1998 Honda Accord with an active malfunction indicator lamp (Check Engine Light). I used an engine code scanner and detected a VTEC System Malfunction (P1259) and a Catalyst System Efficiency Below Threshold-Bank 1 (P420) faults. How can I make these repairs on my own? Thanks for your time.
March 21, 2009.

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For the code P0420 you will first need to inspect your oxygen sensors for proper operation. To learn how this is done, follow the link below..

If the oxygen sensors are OK then your delete the engine code with your scan tool. If the code comes back then you will need to replace your vehicle's catalytic converter.

For code P1259 is normally caused by a faulty vtec pressure switch or wiring to that switch. Inspect the wiring and if necessary replace the switch.

Let me know the results and I will follow up.

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Mar 21, 2009.