1998 Honda Accord

Suspension problem
1998 Honda Accord 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 159000 miles

I just replaced lower control arms, struts, and CV joints with remanufactured CV joints. It now makes subtle squeaking noises when you slowly pull into a driveway. Especially if it's got an incline at the apron. In addition to that when you are at a stop and you either make a sharp left or right with moderate accelleration it will make a clicking noise. I have been told it could possibly be the remanufactured CV joints I installed or even the ball joints? It's aggravating because with the squeaking noise it literally carries through all the suspension and very difficult pinpointing to just one location. The same goes for the clicking noise. Is it possible that both remanufactured CV joints could be bad? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
August 13, 2010.

Hi goosemotorsports,

To test the CV joints, go to an open area.

With steering turned to full lock, accelerate moderately and if crocking noises appears, the CV joint is bad. Reverse steering turning position and retest. Noises on left turn indicates a fault with the right joint and vice versa.

As to the squeaking noises, does the noise appear when making turns with vehicle stationary?
It is consistent with road speed?

Squeak noises during turns are usually caused by ball joints. Check the upper and lower control ram ball joints for torn rubber boots and excessive side play.

Aug 17, 2010.
Thank you very much for the advice and information. I took your advice and installed brand new CV joints and replaced the upper control arms and ball joints as well as the lower control arm and ball joints. I ven replaced the tie rod ends.
I have one more problem to this project. When I am making a turn (usually slow and on an incline (like pulling into the apron of a drive way it makes a popping noise and than it doesn't do it again until I duplicate it again. It seems to do it whether I initiate a right or left hand turn.
Any thoughts of what might cause this pop?
Thank you again and if you have any thoughts about this popping please don't hesitate to reply.


goosemotorsports@yahoo. Com

Aug 21, 2010.
If the noise was not there before replacement of parts, recheck the torquing of all bolts for those that were worked on. One could possibly be insufficiently torqued. Could be the wheel nuts as well.

If you are not sure, recheck all bolts and nuts for the suspension system.

Aug 21, 2010.