1997 Honda Accord

Engine Mechanical problem
1997 Honda Accord 4 cyl Four Wheel Drive Automatic 127000 miles

In april 08, my engine light came on and I had to replace my sensors and my radiator. Today my engine light is on and my car is jerking whenever I stop or at a stoplight. I got it tested at Auto Zone and it showed misfire ignition. Do I need a tune up? Also I never had a major tune up done on my car, how much should I pay, also need cv joints, car is knocking when turning to left or right, how much can I expect to pay for both?
Amaza Boddie
October 20, 2008.

Hi Amaza Boddie,

The misfiring could be due to spark plugs an related parts such as cables, distributor, rotors, fuel filters, air filters etc and the amount would depend on what needs to be replaced.

The CV shaft ranges from $ 220 to $ 320 each depending on model. Labor time is 2.4 hours for both.

Oct 26, 2008.