1997 Honda Accord

I just bought a used 1997 accord, and none of the power door locks work, When I push the lock button, you can hear the lock motors in all the door work, but the lock won't budge. I was wonder what this might be, would it be the actuator since they are all not working?
January 13, 2006.

Does it have an after-market alarm? If it does remove the door lock part of it

Jan 24, 2006.
It doesn't have an aftermarket alarm, I can hear all the motor working, and every once in awhile the drivers door will work, like 1/100 times. Very strange.

Feb 12, 2006.
My power door locks still aren't working, I can hear all the moters when I push either the drivers power door lock, or the passenger side switch. I have removed rear passenger door panel, and I think i'm going to try install a new actuator back there. Could all my actuators are out? I took it to a mechanic that has the reputation of having a lot of experience. He said that it had to be all the actuators because if it was a switch/relay, no power would get to any of the doors. Any advance knowledge>?

Mar 1, 2006.
I have not had that bad experience but my Ford Excursion had them all go out, one right after the other. I would do as you are and try to put in one and see what happens. It must be the actuator.

Bruce Hunt
Mar 2, 2006.