1997 Honda Accord

1997 Honda Accord. AC was no longer blowing cold, so I got a kit and added a can of freon. Unfortunately, the AC still does not blow cold. The compressor is definitely coming on. Ideas? Suggestions? Thanks in advance/
August 5, 2006.

I also have a 97 Accord. The air in my car hasn't worked for crap all summer. I have replaced the expansion valve, had the freon drained and replaced, added dye to check for leaks and had the pressures tested; all for no explanation as to why the air isn't cold. I have to park under trees and put a sun visor in the window in order to keep the inside of the car from roasting in the sun and then the air only blows cool at best. I think that I am going to have to replace the condenser and evaporator, even though nothing appears to be damaged, and see if that works. It doesn't make much sense that all the parts seem to be working correctly but still no cold air.

Aug 19, 2006.