1993 Honda Accord

1993 Honda Accord 4 cyl All Wheel Drive Automatic 190000 miles

I just biught this car when it rains somewhere I get water in the trunk the seal around the trunk looks good there are no tears or breaks in the rubber have sealed up the bottom and side of the back window where I thought water might be getting in but when it rained water still got in the trunk somehow where would be other places that water could get in trunk at inside of car doesn't have this problem really appreciate the help thank you very much any suggestions will be appreciated. James
May 26, 2010.

Take a dollar bill close it in trunk sill leave enough bill to gabe and try and pull out. If bill comes out seal fit faulty. Try in several places. Any rust?

May 26, 2010.
I had the same problem, the dealer was unable to fix.I discover in my case the problem was the gasket around the tail lights. I made them
out of special rubber from the autoparts. Problem fix

Jun 7, 2010.