1992 Honda Accord

Engine problem
1992 Honda Accord 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 174325 miles

My Honda, like many others, vibrates through the steering wheel and dashboard when in gear, with foot on the brake, at a red light. Does not vibrate in Neutral or while driving. I have already replaced all four motor mounts with Corteco Freudenberg parts. I lifted the vehicle up and made sure the vacuum actuator, on the rear mount, was actually moving. I also double checked the alignment of the balancer shaft, everythings ligned up to factory specs. I even double checked all the bolts holding the rack and pinion unit to the sub-frame. Any ideas why my car still vibrates? I'm at a loss.
January 28, 2008.

Check all vacuum hoses. As they will cause serious vibration and high idle. Also be sure to check your idle air control valve for any faults

Jan 28, 2008.
Check the plugs and wires, Had it on a camaro, one plug was not working right, would idle and drive but when stopped at light the engine vibrate and would miss fire.

Jan 28, 2008.
Yes and make sure your plug wires are not arc ing against the block. Had same problem on my olds.

Jan 29, 2008.