1990 Honda Accord

Engine Performance problem
1990 Honda Accord 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 158000 miles

I just sealed up my head gasket on my car, however I have come across another problem; it still chugs and runs rough. It sounds like a bad spark plug. I replaced it. It didn't work. I noticed that when I remove the spark plug wires while the motor is running, there is no difference, but if I remove a different one, it almost dies. Also, when I remove that particular plug, it makes a popping noise like it is sparking. Other than that, it acts as if it is not working at all. I have no idea what is wrong and I need some help.
March 9, 2009.

Question; What did you seal. Or what did you seal on the head gasket. You should run a compression test on the cylinder in question, or all of them for that matter. From your description, I would expect the questionable to be " 0", or close to it. If I'm correct, I would pull the valve cover and check the camshaft, cam followers and valve springs for this cylinder. Let me know what you find.

James W.
Mar 9, 2009.
Start with acompression test to be sure that cylinder is good. If ok, then you may have a bad injector. You can try swapping it with another one to see if it makes that cylinder go dead. Also use a meter to measure across the injector (resistance) to compare it with others to see if it is shorted internally

Mar 9, 2009.