1989 Honda Accord

Heater problem
1989 Honda Accord 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 185000 miles

I have a 1989 honda accord and recently I replaced the two heater hoses in the engine bay. After that I drove the car around and the toggle switch that controls the temperature (switch goes horizantally left to right) is stuck all the way to the left on cold. Is this problem at all relevent to replacing the hoses, or is it just a faulty switch?
October 22, 2009.

Hi Trooper1224,

Mostly probably the heater valve cable is not adjusted correctly causing the lever to be stuck.


1. With both ends of cable disconnected from air mix door and heater valve, close heater valve by turning control arm toward cable clamp. Connect one end of cable to heater valve control arm. Secure cable using clamp.

2. Slide temperature control lever to cold position. Connect other end of cable to control arm of air mix door (air mix cable is installed on connecting linkage).

3. Close air mix door and heater water valve. Gently slide cable housing back to eliminate any slack in cable without moving temperature control lever and air mix door. Snap housing into clamp.

Oct 25, 2009.