2001 Holden Vectra

Engine Mechanical problem
2001 Holden Vectra 6 cyl All Wheel Drive Manual 145 miles

hi guys, my vectra broke down 2 days ago, the problem is the belt and the pulley I was told that the motor has to come out to change these broken parts? Can these be changed without pulling motor out of car, thanks
July 15, 2009.

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Jul 15, 2009.
HI there,

Just got to work and checked the engine timing belt book, this job requires 6 special tools some are just locating pins but others are more intricate, it takes around 3 hrs to do and it is done in situ, but as I mentioned it is a tight fit, now if you have broken a timing belt, the news is not so good as valve damage will result due to this being an interference type engine.

Mark (mhpautos)

Jul 15, 2009.