1998 GMC Truck

Brakes problem
1998 GMC Truck 6 cyl Four Wheel Drive Manual

I just replaced the master cylinder on a 98 gmc p/u, bench bled the master, and all 4 wheels starting with the farthest at the back to the front. No air came out when I bled the wheels, just straight fluid. The pedal is still real low to the floor, but the truck seems to stop fine. There is abs on the truck and I'm wondering if you have to bled the abs module, and how?
November 19, 2008.

The ABS isn't the problem. Was the push rod that went to the master cylender adjustable? Id so, you will need to adjust it out farther. I wouldn't go more than an inch at a time. Also, are the rear brakes properly adjusted? Are you sure there are no leaks and the rubber brake hoses to the calopers are good and not expanding when the brakes are applied?

Let me know. We'll figure it out.


I will try adjusting the pushrod if its possible. Girlfriends truck isn't here right now, but I will let you know if it works. Thanks.

Dec 10, 2008.