2005 GMC Sierra

Electrical problem
2005 GMC Sierra V8 Two Wheel Drive Automatic 112000 miles

-When the key is in the on position (engine not running) it shows that I have oil pressure. I'm sure its the oil pressure sending unit I am unable to locate the oil pressure sending unit.
-Interrier smells like? Especially when you turn on the air condition.
--it appears that something is missing on the front hub of the water pump pulley. I have electric cooling fan BUT you see the belt pulley and the shaft. The shaft is threaded. What is keeping the pulley on the spindle?
October 13, 2009.

The oil pressure sending unit is located on the top rear of the engine block. Here is a picture.

As far as the other question, is it possible for you to take a picture of it and upload it for me to see?

I have sent you a new list of questions along with pictures still have recieved no reply..

I need your help.. Please..

Oct 16, 2009.
Sorry, I just got the pictures now. As far as I can tell, there should be a fan clutch bolted on there with the fan attached to the clutch.

Here is a picture of a fan clutch. It would screw onto the threaded item and then the fan attaches to the clutch.

I have a question. Would my truck still have a fan clutch even tho from the facory it came with 2 electric cooling fans?

Oct 18, 2009.
It could. I assume that it should because there is a listing for one when I looked up the part.

As you see in the picture, currently what is really keeping on that fan pulley? Is it a press fit? If the surpentine belt breaks will it come flying off and go through the rad?

My other question how do I get rid of the smell every time the heater is turned on. Smell is there weather the heat is on or the air condition. I've looked into it and there is no filter.


Oct 19, 2009.
It is most likely threaded in the center. As far as the smell, is it a coolant smell?

You know as for the smell goes. No not like anti-freeze.
It has a real weird smell. I know that smell. A neighbor was walking by (he's kinda noisy) He took a wiff of it he said I never knew you do drugs! I Don't!
Now I'm concerned that if I get stopped is that what the police are gonna think? How can I get rid of the smell.
I had the interrier professionally cleaned. I also had the seats steam cleaned. About 3-5 days later the smell is back.

Oct 19, 2009.
Smells like drugs? That is a good one. I have no idea and never had this problem before. I will ask the site owner if he has any suggestions.