94 VAN

1994 GMC Safari

I have a 94 gmc sarfari van and the windshield wipers don't work. Has a slight buzz sound when turning them on. Sometimes they go on when I hit a bump on the road. Could it be ciruit, motor, or wiper control module. HELP, Could this be a recall? Only
March 10, 2006.

Try posting in GM forum. You'll be more likely to get an answer over there. Thnks. Jess s.

Mar 10, 2006.
I hvae a 1995 gmc seirra and it didnt that I had to replace the module. Mine was under recall check with your dealer or manufacturer

Mar 19, 2006.
I Believe you probably had a recall on the wiper motor. My 95 did but I was on vacation when my wipers crapped out. Did not know about the recall then. The problem is a lot of cold solder joints in the wiper motor assy circuit board. I just retouched a soldering iron to all of them and it has been working for years. It was very obvious all the cold solder joint when you looked at it. Take it to the dealer and ask about the recall on them.

Jan 24, 2008.