1994 GMC Safari

I have a 94 Safari w/ AWD and 96k miles. Left torsion Bar just broke and would like to remove and replace L& R myself. How do I get the adapter and adjuster out? If I can, when I replace, how do they go in? Do I need any special tools or holding fixtures to get the torsion the same on both sides?

None of the service manuals that I can find include info o the AWD models, only 2WD w/ Coil Spring front suspension.

I have it up on jack stands so the wheels are off the ground and Right Torsion bar still seems to be under stress.

Thanks, Matt
July 3, 2007.

The adjusters must be backed all the way off (rear mounting flange) If I'm not mistaken, I have even popped the lower ball joint to allow the lower control arm to move more freely to get the torsion bar out of the arm. More info try the " repair manuals" link at the bottom of the main forum page

Jul 4, 2007.
I found some directions and exploded view parts diagrams on AutoZone. I need a special tool to " compress" the torsion bar to release the adjusters because even though the wheels are off the ground, there is still a lot of potential energy in the bar. After the adjusters are off, the tool can be used to completely relax the torsion bar then slide it out towards the front. The broken side was, of course, relaxed and I was able to get the front part of the bar out, but the instructions said to " slide" the adapter out the back of the adjuster, after the bar was removed. I couldn't get the adapter to budge out of the adjuster so I gave up and took it in. Shop said it comes out easy with an air hammer. : )


Jul 9, 2007.