2000 GMC Safari

Brakes problem
2000 GMC Safari 6 cyl All Wheel Drive Automatic 190, 00 miles


Recently the power steering and power brakes went out at the same time on the van. I took it to a shop and they told me I needed to replace the hydraulic brake booster at a cost of $950.00. I said no thank you and opted to try myself. Well I have swapped out the old booster for the new booster, but in checking things out after the swap, I can't get any pedal with key on engine off or key on engine on. When open bleeder valve just a dribble comes out. Still cannot turn steering wheel without great effort. What if anything could I have done wrong in the swap or are there any small oversights I could have made when reinstalling the new device. I went ahead and checked all the relays and fused related to anything to do with either system, but did not find any problems.

Please help

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Nina Stafford
June 21, 2009.

I would ve suspect a bad power steering pump 1ST
check power steering pump

need manual CHECK IT @
Need parts check it @

Jun 21, 2009.
I had taken the drive belt off before I replaced the hydraulic brake booster and the shaft didn't feel broken. I was getting a bit of resistance so I went on to replace the booster. Would the power steering pump going out cause the brakes to stop working also? What would be the appropriate test to see if the power steering pump was bad?

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Nina Stafford
phoenix619@bellsouth. Net

Jun 22, 2009.