1997 GMC Safari

Air Conditioning problem
1997 GMC Safari 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 224000 miles

I fired my mechanic (naybe not a wse decision) because he is taking too long to put back the dashboard of my cargo van. Is there anywhere I can get a schematice of the whole assembly? My original probloem of the gates for the dash has been solved (one of the valves under the air bag on the passenger side not working). Everything is off down to the firwall? Wires are coming out the center for the radio, air bag and lighter? If I have a diagram, I think I can put it back together. Is it possible to get this diagram? Thanks for you help.
September 30, 2010.

Hello .. thanks for the donation .. much appreciated

There are numerous wiring diagrams for the full dashboard .. there is not a single diagram showing all systems .. it may be worth your while to buy a weekly subscription to the online repair manual

Dave H
Sep 30, 2010.
Dave H. Did not read my question. I did not ask for the wiring diagrams of the dashboard. I asked for an exploded view of the dashboard assembly so I know what parts go where. I have not a guide. If this is not possible please send my money back. Thanks.

Oct 1, 2010.
Sorry about the confusion .. these are the only pictures i can locate of the dashboard assembly !


Dave H
Oct 4, 2010.