1994 GMC Safari

Brakes problem
1994 GMC Safari 6 cyl All Wheel Drive Automatic

I have installed new calipers both frt sides and when I bleed them I have good flow from rt side but not the left. The rear shoes are new and new hardware. What would make the car pull to the right?
June 9, 2010.

A car might pull while braking when calipers need adjusting or servicing. Signs of a bad disc brake caliper include: * When your disc brake caliper is worn you will often hear a squeaky or squealing sound that should not be ignored. In addition, your brake pads will often vibrate when you are trying to stop your vehicle.
* Difficulty pushing the brake pedal is a frequent sign that the disc brake caliper is out of alignment.
* Drivers may experience the vehicle pulling to one side while braking.
* Excessive heat or smoke coming from the wheel area.