1988 GMC S15

Engine Performance problem
1988 GMC S15 6 cyl Four Wheel Drive Automatic 555000 miles

My truck will not stay running, and as the check engine light does not work I cannot have a compter on it. It does surge, has new tune up on it, but because of the surge I am ubable to check timing. Please help me as I am disabled and live out in the country and have no way around but this stuipd truck.
Dianne 55
May 6, 2010.

You do have a computer on your truck. Your service engine light is eitehr burnt out or missing. You need to get it scanned to see if there is a problem. Also get some choke cleaner and spray around the throttle body to see if the gasket is leaking. ALso check the hose to the map sensor as that can suck together and not let the map sensor work right.

May 22, 2010.