1995 GMC Other

Electrical problem
1995 Other GMC Models V8 Four Wheel Drive Automatic

Just recently replaced the motor. Then the fuel pump went out. Replaced the fuel pump, drove a couple of days and the ecm-b20 amp fuse blew - replaced it and it blew again and again. Swapped the fuel pump for another one - fuses still blowing, don't even have to try to crank the truck. Have checked the wiring, etc. Don't know what to do next.
November 28, 2009.

Disconnect the oil pressure sending unit and remove the fuel pump relay-Did it blew the fuse

Nov 29, 2009.
We will try this at daylight. More info about what we have already done. We unplugged the fuel pump at the tank and removed the fuel pump relay and as soon as we touch the fuse blades to the receptable it melts them. We tested the fuse panel and it tests at 12.14 volts and is HOT all the time whether the key switch is on or off.

Nov 29, 2009.