1961 GMC Other

Suspension problem
1961 Other GMC Models 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Manual 111000 miles

I recently had repair work done on the leaf spring of my 1951 GMC half ton pickup the angle of the rear end has been changed it is angled down causeing the drive line to make noise and leak? Also the U bolts were replaced and welding of the leaf spring to the axles I think has been the cause of this problem.
Joseph Elloie
February 4, 2010.

Your pinion angle is probably off, especially if they welded the springs to the axle. In no way was or should this ever be done. What this does with the pinion angle being off is make you get premature wear on the input bearings and make the front seal go bad and leak. They probably did htis while it's in the air and it was off. Take it to a reputable place that can get the weld off and correct this as soon as possible. You wil probably experience u-joint problems as well. Don't be surprisedif you need new springs as well as the heat from welding takes the temper out of the springs. Making them weak as well.

Feb 8, 2010.