2001 GMC Jimmy

Brakes problem
2001 GMC Jimmy 6 cyl Four Wheel Drive Automatic 142000 miles

I am replaceing the door hinge pins and bushings and am having trouble re-installing the springs on the doors. Do I need a spring compressor to do this? I have spent a lot of time tring to re-install them with no good results. I removed them with a large screw driver and the pin/bushing replacement was pretty simple. The springs are a nother story!
Gary Candrl
November 15, 2009.

Welcome to spring HE . Yes you do need the spring tool. It makes it MUCH easier. You can rent them cheap from some parts stores, OR if there is a Harbor Freight nearby they sell one for about 10 bucks. It is actually made as well as the ones sold in other places. If you buy it make sure you put a dab of grease on the adjustment bolt/nut.

Dec 5, 2009.