1995 GMC Jimmy

Electrical problem
1995 GMC Jimmy 6 cyl Four Wheel Drive Automatic 130000 miles

Engine cranks but will not start. Certain timing is off. Crank has two grooves, what's with than? Where do I begin, help? Thanks
Lynda finley
March 5, 2009.

First you need to see if you have spark if you don't then you will need to pull dist. Cap and have someone crank engine and see if the rotor is turning

Mar 5, 2009.
Here is the firing order to help
Firing order 1-6-5-4-3-2

| 2 4 6 |
front | |
| |
| | 6 5 ||
of | | 1 4 ||
| | 2 3 ||
| |
vehicle | |
| 1 3 5 |

Distributor rotates clockwise

now make sure you put the #1 cylender at top dead center and the put rotor in #1 position and reinsurt the dist. And let me know how that works

Mar 5, 2009.
Tried 6 times with rotor on #1 (3: 00 Oclock position) didn't work. Moved rotor to #2 (7: 00 Oclock position) it worked. Top of cap indicates above route. I will be withdrawing payment since your answer was incorrect. Thanks

Lynda finley
Mar 31, 2009.
Hey lynda finley, This was good advice, there are several V6 engines and you didnt even bother to tell us which one you have, then we are to get the answer correct or else! img][/img]

So for yours to be at 7 oclock to be striking the #1 firing position while turning it's a 4.3. Have a nice day. Or is it a 2.8? or maybe a 3.1? I did NOT see three oclock in his answer! He properly described set it to #1 cylinder. As you can see they ALL have #1 in the same place in rotation. If it was stated by you that you have a 4.3 maybe the answer could have been less confusing to you.

Apr 13, 2009.
All bets are off if the distributor has ever been removed and wasn't installed correctly.
If you don't find TDC on #1, who knows where the rotor is going to be pointing.

Apr 16, 2009.
True enough.

Apr 18, 2009.
Your donation has been refunded, we are sorry you were not able to fix your car with the information we provided.

2CarPros Mike
Apr 22, 2009.