1994 GMC Jimmy

Engine Mechanical problem
1994 GMC Jimmy 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 126000 miles

I have a GMC jimmy 1994 with 126000 miles. It left me stranded the other day. I replaced the fuel pump and filter and sending unit today. It still will not start. If I put gas in the intake it runs fine till it burns it off. I checked the bleed off valve right behing the manifold and its getting gas all the way to the intakes. Im at a loss on what to do to get my truck running any advice would be greatful! Thanks for your time.
chris in louisiana
March 29, 2008.

The computer energizes the fuel pump relay -the relay wii de-energize in 2secs if this doesn't happen the fuel system will not prime up-

When the engine fires up the fuel pump and oil pressure sending unit powers the pump from then on. see below

Mar 29, 2008.
Thanks for the quick reply. But I really dont know what all that means. Can you tell me what to check or what you think I need to replace.

Mar 29, 2008.
Okay I understand get the fuel pressure check and comeback with the readings and also get checked for injection pulses-meaning the injector/s are opening and closing to give fuel

Mar 30, 2008.