2003 GMC Envoy

Electrical problem
2003 GMC Envoy 6 cyl Four Wheel Drive Automatic 70000 miles

When I first bought the Envoy XL the remote used to open the drivers door on first press of unlock and then on second press of unlock unlocks the rest of doors and tailgate. After I purchased a second remote for my envoy and had it programmed by dealer now the two remotes only open the driver door on first press of unlock and no matter how much I press the unlock on the remote the other doors and the tailgate do not unlock, have to then unlock these from drivers door panel. Can you help please.
March 14, 2008.

Does the master switch in the driver's door unlock all of them, or is it not working either?

Yes the master switch on the driver's door unlocks all of the doors and the tailgate.

Mar 14, 2008.
Since the problem happen at the reflashing point, I would return to the dealer and explain it. It may not have been flashed properly as a guess, but see what they say first.

I will do as recommended. Thank you for your help.

Mar 17, 2008.