2002 GMC Envoy

2002 GMC Envoy 4 cyl Four Wheel Drive Automatic

how do I go about removing the water pump to replace it.
Tonya etheridge
October 16, 2010.

Water Pump Replacement

* Tool Required
* J 41240 Fan Clutch Wrench

Removal Procedure

1. Drain the coolant.
2. Remove the fan and shroud.
3. Remove the drive belt.
4. Using the J41240, secure the water pump pulley and remove the water pump pulley bolts.
5. Remove the J41240.
6. Remove the water pump pulley.

7. Loosen and remove the water pump bolts.
8. Remove the water pump.
9. Clean and inspect the water pump.
10. Discard and replace the gasket.

There you go.

Oct 16, 2010.