1990 GMC C1500

Electrical problem
1990 GMC C1500 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 175, 00 miles

My truck is made from 2 trucks a 90 and 95. I was told the drive train was 95. I had to put a breake light switch on it and it took a 94. Anyway I put a new starter and ingnition switch on it and my starter will not disengauge. AT fisrt I could play with my key after starting it and it would disengauge and now I can't even hook up my hot cable to my battery it wants to start. THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS IF YOU CAN TELL ME WHAT TO LOOK FOR.
Michael b.
March 16, 2008.

You have replaced the Ign switch-the problem is coming from the starter solenoid-its grounded internally.

Mar 16, 2008.
Hi, like I said my old starter done this so I put a new starter on and an ignition switch and a key cylender and it still will not disengauge. I've checked the wires and I can not find any that is burnt or shorting out. What do I need to check including wires

Michael b.
Mar 18, 2008.
I put a new starter and ignition switch on it and my starter will not disengauge. Do you mean when key is in run position it continues to crank the engine over? Or not disengaging from the flexplate?

The new starter or the old one does it have 2 small terminal on the solenoid?

Mar 19, 2008.