1992 Geo Tracker

Engine Mechanical problem
1992 Geo Tracker 4 cyl Four Wheel Drive Automatic 78000 miles

I recently took my 1992 tracker to the mechanic as my check engine light came on. The car was running somewhat rough when idlling and tach was jumpy.

Mechanic couldn't communicate with the car's computer and didn't want to start changing out parts in order to save me the expense. I only use the tracker for trips to the beach and not as a road car. In the past, it's been running great--very dependable.

Any suggestions.I was thinking of changing out the rotor. Don't understand why the car's computer won't talk with the mechanics diagnostics.
March 14, 2009.

Hi Nathan,

Can you tell me exactly what the mechanics reader said? Did it say that the Scan Test is Incomplete? Or unable to Communicate with Vehicle.

Mar 14, 2009.
Hi Nathan,

Please post responses here in forum. I only check my email about once a week cause I am on here at least once a day.

Ok, Here is something to try....

Find the Duty Coupler under the hood(pic below) With key off jump terminals 2 and 3 then turn key to on position and count engine light flashes. codes will flash 3 times. just watch for the pauses it should look something like this....

Flash short pause flash flash
Flash flash short pause flash flash

then there will be a longer pause before next code.

Post findings....

Use "CTRL" and the "+" to zoom in and the "-" to zoom back out.


Mar 15, 2009.
My engine light was lit up when I bought my 92 Tracker 4X4. I finally had the ECU/ECM replaced and it took care of that problem and some other minor quirks.

Jun 8, 2009.