1995 Geo Prizm

Engine Performance problem
1995 Geo Prizm 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic

My car will not re-start after it has been driven and turned off. I typically have to wait 2 + hrs. Untill it will crank over agian. The computor connections have been tested and cleaned and this did not solve the problem. Could it be the distributor, ie, ignitor?
August 20, 2009.

The general rule is that if it runs cool but shuts off hot and then restarts when cool, it is the ignitor.

Check with parts stores, it is sometimes cheaper to but a reman'ed dist./W ignitor, rather that ignitor itself, (also know as Ignition Module).

When this occurs, spray starting fluid in TB and if it runs a few seconds, it is fuel related, if not it is ignition.

Aug 21, 2009.