1990 Geo Prizm

Drive Train Axles Bearings problem
1990 Geo Prizm 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 250452 miles

i took out one side of the cv joint and the other side is stuck my mechanic said that he could not get it out. Have you ever heard of it not coming out. What can I use to take it out without breaking the housing
October 10, 2008.

Is he using the cup shaped end on a slide hammer?

Oct 10, 2008.
To add to what Merlin said. The CV (tripod side) is held in place with a " C" clip and sometimes you must use a slide hammer to get it out.

Also remember that this trans. Uses a seperate lubricant supply for the differential (where the axles go into) so you MUST add lubricant to the differential or risk the differential siezing. Add through a hole in the rear of the housing after removing the bolt.

If the axle seal is not leaking, it is possible to change the axle/boots and leave the tripod in the trans.
Remove the tripod boot, and the axle. Get a boot kit and reboot the CV side, slide the tripod in (after sliding boot on axle. Then add grease, use special tool to cinch the boot clamps.
This can be done assuming the axle seals are good, and the tripod is not damaged.

Oct 11, 2008.