1997 Ford Explorer • 177,000 miles

I'm getting a vibration I can feel in my gas peddle and steering wheel when going straight or turning right at any speed but it completely goes away when turning left, say thru a roundabout. Had truck on jack stands and tried to get play out of front tires thinking it was a wheel bearing but they're nice and tight. Any thoughts or suggestions would be great. I drive an average of 100 miles a day in Indianapolis and can't afford major mechanical failure
Kristina rae
April 14, 2013.

Hi, Kristina. That is a tough one. Have you checked to make sure there are no separated belts in one of the tires? If you feel it in the steering, chances are the problem is in the front. Let me know.


Another thought. If you hear a roar and it goes away on a left turn, that sounds like the left front wheel bearing is bad. Even though you didn't feel any play, it still could be bad.

Let me know.