Ford Windstar

Gas pedal stopped working. No fuel sent to engine.

When I start it up and engine is revving, it will go for a short distance before slows down to creeping.
January 27, 2007.

We can help, but need better info. Do you know the gas is the problem? Explain the symptoms clearer.

Ford Van 1987 E150 automatic 302 engine 170,000+ miles.

Gas pedal stopped working in middle of intersection.
Got it off road. Goes real slow.

Let cool off. Restart fine. While Engine revving, can get movement on every gear.

Managed to get it into a parking lot off-road.

As soon as engine stops revving, slows to almost no movement.

Gas Pedal goes to floor, but no response.

Think I may have the manual in the van, but van is about 10 miles away from me right now. Turner, OR, just outside Salem.

Sent small donation from rene@talesofkingtut. Com

Jan 27, 2007.
Rene, My apologies, I wasn't asking for a donation, just information.

I want to describe this and see if I understand.

You went to accelerate and it didn't move. After you parked, let it cool, the engine had a high idle and would move. It never stopped running.

Questions for clarification: You have no response when you press on the accelerator. Or you have very little response.

Does the engine idle increase, but the van doesn't move?

No, I had to turn it off. Then it cooled.

Gas pedal goes to floor with no response. Does not make engine do anything.

When I start it up, starts fine, a little slow.
Then while engine is revving and I put it in gear, it will move fairly good, but still no response from gas pedal.

As soon as engine idles down, movement becomes very minimal.

The throttle did stick once last summer on my trip out here to Oregon from Colorado. But it didn't do it again.

Have had a lot of work done on this vehicle, and am ready to try to sell it and get another. Right now am strapped for a lot of cash.
So far I'm looking at a tow bill of $70+, and two hours of labor at $90per, and mechanics are saying it sounds like transmission. Ouch.

It is still in a parking lot about 10 miles from me.

If it's just the cable or the connections, that seems outrageous.

So appreciate any help or guidance.

Jan 27, 2007.
If you say that you press on the gas and the engne idle doesn't change, it isn't the transmisison. That sounds more like accelerator cable issues.

Can youpull off the doghouse and get a look youself?

Will be trying to do that tomorrow.
What is doghouse? Is that the console between the front seats?

As I said, van is 10 miles from me.

What do I look for?


Jan 27, 2007.
When I start it up, starts fine, a little slow.
Then while engine is revving and I put it in gear, it will move fairly good, but still no response from gas pedal.

Let me join my buddy Mr. SW on this one-any strange things happened before it when kaput-is to refusing to move when demanded.

Try this have the throttle position and vehicle speed sensor check, to include a disconnected throttle cable and, transmission converter clutch solenoid.

HTH Good Luck!

Jan 27, 2007.
Doghouse is the center console. I'm thinking once you get access to the throttle body, you can watch and see if the throttle cable is moving when you press on the pedal.

Did you feel any difference in the resistance on the pedal?

Hey RAZ, welcome to the party : D

There is no resistance to the gas pedal.

But I will not be able to get to the van until later today.

Where do I look for the throttle cable, etc. Once I get the console, doghouse, off?


Jan 28, 2007.
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