2003 Ford Windstar

Noises problem
2003 Ford Windstar 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 120000 miles

I have taken this car apart looking to get at the sloshing sound under the top of the dashboard. I'm stumped. And it smells like old plants after the car sits awhile. I removed blower fan where AC condenser is and it's TOTALLY DRY. I flushed cowling drain where water rolls of windshield, now totaly clean. But I still get that damn sloshing noise when I zig zag slowly down the road. There is something directly under the dash that is holding water. NO WET CARPETS, no sign of anything wet. Just the slosh and the smell.
February 6, 2010.

Chances are you hear coolant running through the heater core. Check the coolant level to make sure it is full.

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I baby this car, this Windstar has chrome wheels and is beautiful! I check the oil and fluids weekly, wash it twice a week and wax every other week. The coolant has never been low. Never had a chance.
SO. For my donation I need some finality to this. So I don't go on spending more money trying to figure it out, or fix something that doesn't need fixing.

So, the coolant water in the heater core " sloshing" is NORMAL? Is it contained in a sealed tube or pipe or something? Is the old plant smell coincidental, and a separate problem?
Thanks, Drake

Feb 6, 2010.
Based on everything you have done, that is the only thing left. I have had experience when the heater core has been partially plugged and when accellerating or turning, you could actually hear the coolant moving in the core. That was my first guess when I read your posting.

Joe, in conclusion.

If there is sloshing because of a heater core being partially full. (Possibly plugged) Then what I am going to do is have my radiator flushed out and replaced with new fluid. This should flood out any residue and a " full" heater core will stop the sloshing right?

Feb 7, 2010.
I would recommend disconnecting the heater core hoses and flushing it. A garden hose will do the job. Make sure to back flush it too.