1998 Ford Windstar

Engine Performance problem
1998 Ford Windstar 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive 168, 00 miles

I got instructions that were brief on how to remove the fuel pump from my windstar. I got all the hoses and electrical connections off and the tank is down and out of the vehicle. The problem I am having is figuring out how to remove the pump I have the locking ring off and I am able to view the inside of the tank. The pump sits inside of a housing type structure in the tank the screens are at the bottom of the pump and the housing does not come out or at least I have not figured out how to remove it yet. Can you help please?

Thanks JJ
Mechanics for dummies
March 29, 2010.

Once the lock ring is off the pump assembly should just raise up out of tank.

1. Depressurize the fuel system and remove the fuel tank from the vehicle.
2. Remove any dirt that has accumulated around the fuel pump module attaching flange, to prevent it from entering the tank during service.
3. Turn the fuel pump module locking ring counterclockwise using a locking ring removal tool or a brass drift and remove the locking ring.
4. Remove the fuel pump module.
5. Remove the seal gasket and discard it.

To install: 6. Put a light coating of grease on a new seal ring to hold it in place during assembly. Install it in fuel tank ring groove.
7. Insert the fuel pump module into the fuel tank, then secure it in place with the locking ring. Tighten the ring until secure.
8. Install the tank in the vehicle.
9. Install a minimum of 10 gallons of fuel and check for leaks.
10. Install a pressure gauge on the throttle body valve and turn the ignition ON for 3 seconds. Turn the key OFF, then repeat the key cycle five to ten times until the pressure gauge shows at least 30 psi.
11. Check for fuel leaks at the fittings.
12. Remove the pressure gauge.
13. Start the engine and check for fuel leaks.

Mar 29, 2010.
Thanks for answering so quickly, but they are the same breif instructions I have. The module as you call it is not coming out no matter how hard I pull up on it

This vehicle was built in canada go figure

Not really sure what you are having problems with, once the lock ring is off that is all there is to it. It just lifts out, are you certain you removed the lock ring?

Mar 29, 2010.
Yes I have done auto mecanics for a living in the past it has been 10 years since I touched a wrench for an electric fuel pump

Anyway you could post me a pic so I can see whats going on?

Mar 29, 2010.
I just made a pic but it won't post. My email is startimekaraoke@yahoo. Com I can send it to you from there I am sure but I need to know where to send it

Sure send it to markmartin18@hotmail. Com


Mar 29, 2010.
Email sent

Is the metal top in the pic below what you are referring to as the "housing" ? the pic below is the fuel pump assembly, this is all that should be there. if not then someone may have installed a different pump/tank on the vehicle in the past..

Mar 29, 2010.
This is a 3.8 liter engine it is similar but not exact the top is plastic and the sending unit is in the tank attached to it as well as the fuel pump. Plus there are 2 lines on the top of the assembly

this is the exact model