1989 Ford Windstar

1989 Accord 2lt with 270,000km.I am unable to switch off air con at console! Perfect until a few days ago when air con started working without being turned on. Currently operates as if vehicle has temperate/climate control, but doesn't turn off even when it is freezing! Unable to locate a fuse so it can be disabled until I can afford to have it looked at. Has this occurred to anyone? Any tips for disabling safely? Would sincerely appreciate any help. From Australia and extremely hot here.
January 17, 2007.

You can pull the A/C clutch relay out of the fuse box under the hood. I think you will find that the problem you are experiencing is a switch. That means tearing in to the console.

Bruce Hunt
Jan 17, 2007.
Again Bruce is correct however that model has an A/C amplifier that is a small black box about the size of a mans wallet. It should be visable if you remove the right side under dash cover. If it is not RH drive you can slip the rubber gromest on the glove box and see it there. Disconnect it and see if the A/C shuts off.

I fixed a Honda with a simiiar problem and that was a bad fan relay with fed the voltage back to the A/C clutch, keeping it on.

Good Luck Losone

Jan 22, 2007.