1975 Ford Torino

Suspension problem
1975 Ford Torino V8 Two Wheel Drive Automatic 141000 miles

When gradualy accelerating, no problem. When the car hits 75-8- mph the rear end sways/swings side to side. Let of the accelerator and I immediately stops.

Also, if I gun it to pass, it reacts the same way.

Any idea of what it is and reasonable cost to fix?
July 9, 2009.

Check to see if your axle bolts are tight and the bushings are good shape for the rear end. Also if you have a sway bar make sure it is tight and shocks are in good shape. Also check to make sure your wheel lug nuts are tight. Or best bet let a pro look at it. He'll probbaly find out what the problem is.

Dec 17, 2009.