1985 Ford Thunderbird

Electrical problem
1985 Ford Thunderbird 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Manual 200000 miles

My t-bird is turbo - 4 banger 5 spd. The alternator stopped charging the battery. The prior owner wired the car for his stereo & in doing this he altered the normal wiring harness. I found the ground wire for the alternator 'hot' all the time - as it started to melt when I tried to run it to ground.

I have grounded it successfully - however - my windshield wipers are on non-stop high.

I do not have the fuse box layout for this car & am unsure which fuse to pull for the wipers. For obvious reasons & cannot drive with my wipers on nonstop high!

I must fix myself & would be grateful for a fuse box diagram layout - or suggestion - I have never replaced a wiring harness or would have by now. My car has all stock - turbo is great - but demolished in the electrical department.
December 8, 2007.

What color was that ground wire that melts? Anyways here's the fusebox layout!

Dec 8, 2007.
AS a bonus here's the way to test the alternator, and regulator...


Dec 8, 2007.