1993 Ford Tempo

1993 Ford Tempo 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 98000 miles

on my car all but one door wont unlock or open. I tried pulling the knobs up but nothing. When I put the key in the passenger side it is very hard to turn.
The windows also wont roll down on all but one door. The only door that works is the drivers side and the key still works in it
February 9, 2009.

Any chance master lockout switch is set?

Feb 10, 2009.
Yes I allready checked that. But I do have a question to ask is it possibile that because the motors are not working for the windows that would have something to do with why the locks wont work and I cant open the doors?

Feb 15, 2009.
Fords are notorious for frozeup corroded door locks and dead window motors?But if the unworking locks and motors are on the same 3doors then I suspect an electrical problem?Is this a recent problem?Was everything fine a while ago?Usually wet/wintry weather contributes to this condition. The rubber window seals leak from age/shrunk/cracked and allow the locks to rust!The motors burn out their internal overheat/safety breakers. Sometimes act weak/sometimes go dead. If it's electrical it may be in the wiring going into the drivers door where it passes from body to door at the hinges. The constant bending can eventually break a wire. It's protected/covered by an accordian style rubber boot.

Feb 16, 2009.