1990 Ford Tempo

1990 Ford Tempo 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 73000 miles

hello, I have a 1990 ford tempo gl and I am currently replacing the power steering pump. It tells me to remove the serpentine drive belt but then it says I need a special tool to release the tensioner. And on top of that I cant even find where I am supposed to release it at. If you could please help I would greatly appreciate it thanx justin alderman
June 21, 2010.

Fig. 15 Serpentine Drive Belt Routing


Loosen adjustment, pivot and idler pulley bolts on accessories which need belts replaced.
Remove old belts.

Install new belts over pulleys. For V-ribbed belts, ensure that all V-grooves make proper contact with pulley.
Adjust belt tension.

Jun 22, 2010.
Per the picture above the automatic tensioner looks like it pushes down on belt to tighten. There is usually a hole in the arm for a breaker bar to insert so you can pull up on it. You can also use a ratchet wrench as they have the same connecting stud. If no hole is present then you can sometimes use the bolt head on the wheel to put a wrench on and lift. The assembly itself is a spring loaded swing arm with a wheel on the belt end.

Jun 22, 2010.