1998 Ford Taurus

I have a 1998 Ford Taurus 3.0L DOHC w/80000 miles that has been having trouble with the battery going down intermitttently. If I charge the Battery, the car starts and runs fine. I have replaced the alternator and the battery but I still seem to be having the problem. In order to try and trouble shoot, I inserted an amp meter in line with the battery cable when the key is off and it is reading.4 amps. I traced this.4 amp drain to fuse number 1 in the engine compartment which feeds the fuse box under the dash. At that point I found that if I remove the GEM, PAT, PATS; fuse #23 under the dash that the drain drops off to.2 amps which is more like what I saw on my other 1999Taurus wagon. When I plug in fuse 23 I can hear it pull in the battery saver relay and maybe one other relay somewhere up in the dash. If I remove the battery saver relay the current drain drops to about.3 amps. I guess my question is what would cause the GEM to activate the Power Saver relay? Is this Normal? I think.4 amps seems a little to high. Where is the GEM located? Is the GEM something that a owner can replace or should I take it to a dealer or auto electric repair shop? Please advise. :
April 16, 2007.

Hey there, I have a very similar issue with my mercury sable, have you found a solution? What did you do?


Apr 2, 2013.
400 mili amps is a bit high but I think you have other issues.

I think you should not assume the gem module till it is confirmed. Let a shop at least check it for you


Apr 24, 2013.