2003 Ford Taurus

Engine Performance problem
2003 Ford Taurus 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 58000 miles

Car starts and idles fine. When in drive, I get up to speed and release the gas peddle and the RPM's will not decrease. Car does eventually slow down, but only after miles of travel. I have actually travelled several miles at 45 miles an hour with no acceleration from me. Once I hit the brakes it will slow down, but it's almost like the gas peddle is always being pressed down a little, but only when I'm driving. If I'm stopped at a light, I will be idling at 800 rpms. But once I take my foot off the brake, RPMs will slowly climb up to 1500 rmps then shift into next gear.I haven't tried letting it go further than that. Although car was doing this already, I had a Check Engine Light with a code for the TPS, I replaced the TPS and reset code, light hasn't come back on yet.

Any clue?
April 1, 2010.

If you place it in neutral, do the RPM's drop?

I have the same problem but with a 1999 Taurus 3.0L
was told to replace the Idle Air Control Valve. Did but that did not help the problem. Next they tell me to replace the throttle position sensor.(Have not tried that yet). If I place mine in neutral the RPM's go up

Apr 3, 2010.
Has your check engine light come on? IF not, keep in mind these are all guesses. That is the first thing I would say is the TPS, but a lean mixture can even cause it. Check for vacuum leaks too.

Let us know what you find.


Joe Thank's for the reply
No the check engine light has not come on and replacing the TPS did not change anything : (
Can't hear any vacuum leak but have no other way to check (far from being a pro on my part).


Apr 4, 2010.
Many people use starting fluid or carb cleaner and spray it around the vecuum hoses. If there is a leak, the engine will draw in the spray and the idle will increase.

One point I have to make. If you do this, be careful. If the starting fluid hits an exhaust manifold or other very hot area, it could catch fire. It sounds scary, but just be careful and have a fire extinguisher near by.

We found no vacuum leaks. However a friend suggested to disconnect battery so the computer would go back to factory settings. Evidently the computer didn't realize that new parts had been added. Now all seams to be operating correctly. Thanks for your input and help!

Apr 7, 2010.
Let me know if you have other questions.