2001 Ford Taurus

Engine Cooling problem
2001 Ford Taurus 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive 10100 miles

water is leaking from the coolant tank, is not running hot and tank was replaced last year, however the water in the tank is bubbling hot at times, have to put water in it daily and with winter coming up it is going to freeze cause anti freeze will leak out of it. Was wondering if it could be the thermostat, pressure cap on tank or water pump or what?
Donna Sue P.
September 24, 2010.

With winter coming, you need to fix it and get anti-freeze in there.

If the engine isn't overheating, then nothing should be boiling. Try this test. With the engine cold, remove the radiator cap and start the engine. Let me know if coolant comes shooting out. I'm wondering if you are seeing air bubbles in the overflow.