Ford Ranger

2002 ford ranger atuomatic 3.0L 98,000 replaced front callapaiers, new brake hoses still going in to a one wheel noses dive. It all started after replaced emergecny brake cable and rear brake pads, then the front brakes started getting sentive. The master cylnder is 4 years old. Could it be the abs system or the portioning vavle.
October 10, 2007.

Check the compensating ports in the master cylinder, have some one step on the brake and watch when the pedal is released if you see some turbulence in the reservoir it's OK, the other possibilty is you kinked a brake hose, check the pads as well make sure they are seated in the caliper mount correctly, I have see sensors under the stainless hardware hang up a pad.

Oct 10, 2007.
When the wheel locks up, open the bleeder screw, if the wheel turns free get a new flex hose, if not the caplier needs to be changed.

Oct 15, 2007.