2002 Ford Ranger

2002 Ford Ranger 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 101, 00 miles

I have my 2002 ford ranger edge v6 and 3.0L that has around 101,000 miles on it. Recently I have heard a chirping noise going on in my engine, therefore, we changed the belt and even changed the belt tensioner and the chirping is just getting worse and worse. Then today my truck was chirping like usual but when the engine was warmed up and I was at a stop light, the engine shut off. The chirping sounds like it is coming from the middle of the engine. Any help?
November 30, 2009.

Is the churping at any RPM and all of the time? Are you sure it is coming from the belt? If you're not sure, remove the serp belt and start the engine to see if the sound is gone. Only run the engine long enough to determine if the sound is gone because it will overheat.

Let me know the answers to my questions and what you find.


The churping happens after I take my foot off the gas pedal and put on the brakes. While sitting at a light it continues until I start to press on the gas. I will check for sound with the belt off and get back to you. Thanks again

Dec 1, 2009.