1997 Ford Ranger

Electrical problem
1997 Ford Ranger 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Manual 135000 miles

My Grandson and I have purchased and have been working on a 1997 Ford Ranger project, for a wiper switch it has a button someone has mounted on the dash connecting power to the wiper motor, when you turn it on you have high speed wipers only, no Low speed, Windshield washers or Variable speed. This is a multifunction switch, the Headlight dimmer and Turn signal part of the Multifunction switch is working, and as mentioned the wiper motor is working when the jumper is attached to the high speed wire, I have not checked the washer motor yet, can you tell me which fuses and relays I should check for the wiper's, and there location? Also does someone have an Electrical Wiring schematics diagram for the wipers? Thank's
December 30, 2008.

Fuse # 16 in underdash fuse box

Wiper Hi-Lo Relay. In engine compartment fuse/relay box.
Wiper Run/Park Relay. In engine compartment fuse/relay box.

Dave H
Dec 30, 2008.
I have the same problem relays are bad and I used to have to pull the dash fuse in and out for it to work now it dont work at all iput a new fuse bin and still nuthin motor and wash works I need a wire diagram how can I get this or what wires should I test need help asap please

Dec 8, 2010.