1994 Ford Ranger

Electrical problem
1994 Ford Ranger 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Manual 278000 miles

I am having trouble locating my blower motor resistor. The manual says at 5 o'clock to the blower motor. The only connection I can find is located on the condensor that is on the same wiring harness. This wiring harness runs through the firewall into the truck, and is located on the passenger side kickpanel. There is a connection at this point, but it is only like a male to female connector. Please help me locate thie blower motor resistor. Do I have to take off the blower motor to see it? I have taken off many things and looked around the heater core and the passenger kick plate. Thanks for your time in this matter. Have a great day!
June 28, 2010.

Hi techiee,

Hope the diagram helps.

Jun 28, 2010.