1992 Ford Other

At 115,000 miles a head gasket blew on my 92 Tbird and I had the friendly and costly Ford dealer do the repair work. I found that this engine is prone to this problem because the block is a different metal than the heads, which are possibly aluminum. Now 2 years later and at 120,000, I am experiencing similar problems, and the friendly Ford dealer is telling me I need to replace the head gaskets again. I know that engine heat can cause the heads to warp and this can contribute to the gasket problems. I haven't done anything special to the engine, usually run regular gas, a couple of times a year I may use a higher octane premium fuel. What else can I do to reduce the risk of head gasket problems due to excessive heat? Should I use a cooler thermostat? Or just not use the engine?
March 25, 2007.

First off if you do replace head gaskets. Get both done at the same time, have the heads planed flat, and in a perfect world. Use Fel Pro gaskets!

Mar 26, 2007.
The gaskets lasted only 5k miles? Sounds like a bad replacement job, the 3.0 engine is a hardy engine not prone to headgasket failure, unlike the notorious 3.8. Engines today are seriously affected by overheating them, not regular heating and cooling, do not run a cooler thermostat, it will screw up your engine control system, the engine must run at or near the specified temps for best perfomance

Mar 27, 2007.