1999 Ford Other

Engine Performance problem
1999 Other Ford Models V8 Two Wheel Drive Automatic 230, 00 miles

I have a E150 econoline van I can't pass the emmsions test because when key is put into the on postion the check engine light WON'T COME ON. Ran through computer and nothing is coming up wrong. Checked bulbs and fuses and those are fine. On this vehicle can it be that there isn't one that comes on in the on postion or what can I do to get it on just for the emissions.
July 30, 2010.

On many cars, the ECM (that's the electronic brain) is on the same fuse circuit as other electrics like the cigarette lighter/accessory port. The lighter is prone to blow fuses on some vehicles, and if there's no juice going to the ECM, it can't tell you what's wrong.

Jul 31, 2010.