1987 Ford Other

Electrical problem
1987 Other Ford Models 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Manual

gday mate I own a 1987 ford courier dualcab ute. I was driving it around on monday morning and it was driving fine. But I went to drive it in the afternoon and got round the corner and it stalled and wouldn't start again I had a look over it and it was still pumping fuelthru the system so that wasn't it so I took out the plugs and started it to see if there was no spark and there wasn't. The points still had spark but plugs didn't so I replaced the points, rotor button, ignition coil, dizzy cap leads and plugs and still no spark at the plugs can you help because I really need it back on the road
October 13, 2009.

Howdy mate double check the point gap make sure when gapping it you are on the high side of the distributor camlobe-inspect the cap and rotor contacts to include the condenser/capacitor. Also make sure the coil is getting power

Oct 14, 2009.